Pellionia pulchra - Watermelon Begonia
Pellionia pulchra - Watermelon Begonia
Pellionia pulchra - Watermelon Begonia
Pellionia pulchra - Watermelon Begonia

Pellionia pulchra - Watermelon Begonia

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Let's get things straight first, this plant is not a begonia! But it is sometime commonly referred to as a 'Watermelon Begonia'. Its growing habit is that of a shingling plant and if grown in shade will happily cover a fence or wall. Grown in a pot they eventually hang as the stems grow long but start off quite erect in growth. 

Current Pot Size: 100mm

Light: Category x (please see our blog on plant light requirements)

Soil: Soil type x (please see our blog on soil requirements)

Fertiliser: As directed on your fertiliser of choice. Fortnightly or monthly during the growing season

Watering: Don't over water, they like to dry out between waterings. 

Maintenance: Trim back to make the plant even bushier. 

Postage is a flat rate of $18, spend over $80 and it's free! Live plants can only be posted directly to NSW, ACT, QLD, VIC, SA. Plants can be sent to WA, NT and TAS via a plant concierge. Please see our blog on quarantine states for more information.

All plants pictured are considered an accurate representation of the plant you will receive. It represents the rough size, colour and condition. These are plants however and due to changes in climatic conditions and plant variation there will be minor differences.

Please note that we use 'Bugs for Bugs' regularly as a preventative control measure for pests. These predatory bugs are administered in vermiculite. This vermiculite is sprinkles onto the leaves and sometimes remains. 

We know that sometimes it's hard to get an idea of the size of the plant your are purchasing. Photos can make plants look bigger than they actually are. That's why we've made it easy. In each listing you will notice a photo with a background with lines drawn. These lines are distanced 5cm away from each other and the photographs are taken straight on with products against the wall. These photos will be the best indicator of size.

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