How Much Light does my Plant Need?

1.Full Sun - Full sun exposure for at least 6 hours and withstanding up to 12 hours during warmer months.

2.Part Sun - Receiving 4-6 Hours of direct sunlight per day. Includes afternoon sun which is harsher on plants than morning sunlight.

3.Filtered Light - 6-12 hours of filtered/dappled sunlight (filtered through tree canopies outdoors, windows for indoors)

4.Bright Indirect - Ambient light that is not direct sun rays. Perhaps receiving 2-4 hours of direct sunlight but the majority of light is passed through a medium that softens light exposure or bounces off a reflective surface i.e. windows, shades, trees, walls etc. a good indicator of indirect light is blurry shadows at the brightest part of the day.

5.Full Shade - Less than 4 hours of indirect sun or all day sunlight through a shade cloth.

6.Med-Low Light - 2-3 hours of indirect, ambient light. Usually southern facing windows or located within 1-2 metres from a window. Minimal direct sunlight at any time of the day.

7.Low Light - Very low ambient light, minimal shadows cast. No direct sunlight at any time during the day, more than 2 metres from a bright window.

8.No Natural Light - no natural, usable light is present for plants to photosynthesise.