How to purchase plants when you live in a Quarantine State - Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT) or Tasmania (TAS)

How to purchase plants when you live in a Quarantine State - Western Australia (WA), Northern Territory (NT) or Tasmania (TAS)

Root'd Plants is located in Sydney, NSW (Australia).

If you live in WA, NT or TAS, then you live in a quarantine state. Quarantine States have restricted what passes over their borders due to invasive plants, crop pests and diseases that will compromise the native flora and fauna or our agricultural sector. 

If you live in these quarantine states you need to declare any plant matter passing over the border to your state biosecurity for inspection. It sounds hard but it's actually quite easy due to a number of plant concierge services available. 

Two such services to recommend are:

Home of Houseplants - Jo (Services WA and TAS)

Rare Plants - Bob (Services WA, NT and TAS)

Prior to purchasing please get in contact with either Jo or Bob to arrange your concierge service with them. 

Once arranged please make sure to use the requested address in the 'shipping address' section when checking out. Unless it has the correct C/- name, company, address we cannot recognise it as a concierge service parcel and will not label it as required. An example:

Your Name
C/- Bob at Paradise Distributors
9 Paradise Place, Nambour
QLD 4560

Please remember that we post our orders every Monday/Tuesday with cut-off for postal orders each week being Sunday midnight. Place your order with plenty of time in between to get to your concierge service for processing and inspection. 

We also post plants in their pots to minimise transport shock. This is a massive advantage as the plants will go through significantly less stress as they need to go through two lots of transportation and treatment to arrive at your door. 

Please contact either Jo or Bob for any further questions on the process. 

If you live in WA then there is may be another option available to you.In some cases you may be able to apply for a prior approval to import plants that can forego some treatments. This must be for less than 20 plants and certain conditions will still need to be met including being washed free of all soil and potting mix. A full inspection on arrival will also need to be carried out. Some species will not be able to be imported by this method. Below are the steps to start this process:


Step 1: Check the status of your import on the WAOL list to see if you can import.

Step 2: To apply for prior approval please contact Quarantine WA Follow-up Officer on 08 9334 1800.

Fees and charges will apply if you are able to import this way. Root'd Plants charges $15 per plant to bare-root and wrap in sphagnum moss to post. 

If you do get approval please drop the team an email to organise. Contact us at with your permit details. 

Whichever way you choose to import, Root'd Plants is here to make the process as easy and as cost effective as possible for you!








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