Caladiums are a genus within the Araceae (Arum) Family. They are flowering plants but are grown for their stunning foliage displays. There are over 1000 cultivars within the genus that provide breathtaking colours, patterns and leaf shapes that sit upon thin elegant stems. Nicknamed "Elephant Ear" (a name they share alongside Alocasias) and "Angel Wings" as the leaves can get very large and dramatic. 

Caladiums are highly tropical growers and can be grown in partial sun to full shade. In temperate regions they will often go dormant and start dropping leaves in Autumn when they sense shortening days and a drop in temperature (below 15°C) and will re-emerge in the Spring. During this time, they will store their energy in bulbs under the ground, these bulbs can be left in their pots or garden beds and not watered until new growth appears or they can be dug up and stored somewhere dry for later replanting. Caladiums can be kept inside over winter to prevent dormancy however adequate light, warmth and humidity must be supplied during the colder months.