A genus of flowering plant within the Acanthus (Acanthaceae) family, consisting of around 170 species. Aphelandra's are low growing shrubs that are native to the tropical regions of the Americas. 

Aphelandras are grown for both their striking foliage and their bright flowers. They get their name from the Greek "apheles" meaning simple and Andra meaning male, This name refers to the one-celled anther of the flower and by no means truly represents the beauty of the bloom. When grown in ideal conditions, bright bracts will emerge from the top of each main stem in Summer and will bloom for about a week, however the bract may remain bright a colourful for up to 6 weeks, once the bracts start to die back it is a good time to prune your plant and keep it compact. These flowers can come in a range of colours depending on the species from golden yellow, to orange, red and pink.