How to dispose of your Root'd Plants packaging.

by Lisa Day

Lisa is the owner and founder of Root’d Plants. She has an interest in unique and unusual flora and fauna, specifically how species fit into their niche in situ.

Thank you so much for shopping with us here at Root'd Plants. We are a company very much focused on sustainability and our packaging is no exception. 

1. We use cardboard boxes that can be re-used or placed in your recycle bin. If you have a home compost you can shred the box and slowly add it to feed your worms. 

2. We only use landfill biodegradable packing tape. Please remove this from your box. This can either be recycled with your other soft plastics or placed straight in your bin. It breaks down only in landfill conditions and at 90+% faster than other conventional tapes however it breaks down to become fertiliser (organic matter) and there are no micro-plastics. 

3. We use paper towel to keep the soil secure in the pot and the good news is: paper towel is biodegradable and compostable. We buy our paper towel from 'Who Gives a Crap' ( because they support charities that we love. You can read about how much they have donated here and who their charity partners are here

4. Cornstarch Packing Fillers are used to stop the plants from moving and subsequently getting damaged in transit. The best way to dispose of these is to dissolve them in warm water. Once they have dissolved you can tip them down the sink. Even better... wait until the water has cooled and you can add them to your compost or even feed them to your plants! Adding starch water like this helps store nutrients in the soil and also acts as a fertiliser. The starch also helps the soil to hold water a little longer, meaning that you can water a little less.