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Philodendron is derived from the Greek words meaning 'loving' (Philo) and 'tree' (Dendron). Its name so aptly describes its nature, while these plants can become very large themselves they grow to their full maturity when able to grow up a tree. Philodendron is the second largest genus within the Araceae family with approx 450 species that we currently know of. 

Philodendrons are all about the foliage! They grow in a variety of ways, their leaf shape and texture changing dramatically not only between species but also within the plant as it grows from a juvenile to a mature plant. Fairly tolerant and easy to grow, Philodendrons are typically hemiepiphytes, meaning their seed germinates in soil but it does not need to continue to grow in soil. While many Philodendron are tree climbers (P. melanochrysum) some will grow across the soil line and along large root crevices (P. gloriosum) others will hang or scramble along any surface until they can grip onto something (P. Hederaceum)

Philodendrons thrive in shaded conditions, away from harsh direct light. They love humid environments as it gives their aerial roots plenty of moisture, however most are fairly tolerant of the lower humidity of the average home. Potting substrates for Philodendrons should consist of chunky, free draining, organic media that hold moisture but also allows air to the roots. Generally, due to their hemi-epiphytic nature they don't require large pots, as they mature they try to find new places to attach their aerial roots to and prefer to climb, creep or trail to find more opportunistic growing spots. The leaves, stem, flower and roots are all toxic to pets and infants if ingested so keep them away from grabby hands and sharp teeth.

Consisting of a vast array of shapes, colours and growth habits, you're guaranteed to find a Philodendron that you can't take your eyes off.