Alocasia is a genus of rhizomatous or tuberous, broad leaf perennial flowering plants, also colloquially known as “Elephant Ear”. There are 97 accepted species within the genus, they are native to tropical and subtropical Asia and Australia. Alocasia’s typically have tall, thin stems, extending from a central bulb or “corm”, which support rather large, broad leaves. Some species such as A. reginula (Black velvet) are dwarf varieties that remain small, while others can reach up to 4 metres in height like A. macrorrhiza.

Great for landscaping and it pots, Alocasias can be easily propagated by separating corm “pups” that they grow on rhizomatous runners or straight off the main corm. Alocasias require consistent temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius and during periods of low light and low temperatures they will lose leaves or cease growing new ones and go dormant until they sense sufficient light and temperature onset.