Syngonium, or more commonly, "Arrowhead plants" are native to tropical rainforests of Central America. They are a member of the Araceae family and are adored by plant lovers for their easy going nature and beautiful foliage.

Syngoniums are Hemi-epiphytes meaning they start their journey as a seed germinated on the ground and they vine their way to a tree or other structure that they can climb and root onto. Juvenile leaves are typically ovate with a pointed apex and a narrow sinus, giving it its characteristic "Arrowhead" shape (sagittate). Mature plants develop leaves which become pedate each with up to 5-11 lobed leaflets, it is in this mature form that they obtained the nickname "Goosefoot" plant. 

Syngoniums make great houseplants for their ornamental foliage and low maintenance qualities. They have adapted to thrive in lower light levels, similar to those of densely canopied forest floors and while they thrive in high humidity, they do just fine in typical household climates. A potting substrate that is rich in organic media, holds moisture and has plenty of air pockets is ideal for growing most Syngoniums. Allowing the soil to dry out slightly between waterings, giving the roots a chance to breath and a little fertiliser every month during growing season and your plant will love you for it. Pruning your Syngonium is one way to keep it in its juvenile form and looking lush and compact, with propagation occurring fairly easily through stem cuttings it is easy to keep a happy plant or two!

Syngoniums are also known as the perfect Feng Shui plant. The five lobed leaves are said to represent the five elements; water, fire, earth, wood and metal thus provides the perfect balance of Yin Yang.

There are many varieties of Syngoniums available today, from dwarf forms that stay petite and are perfect for terrariums and windowsills, to climbing and trailing varieties with textured foliage that once established will grow fast and abundantly.